July 24, 2012


Over the years I've made quite a few quilts...and while I've tried to do a good job of documenting & keeping track of them all, I think I certainly could do better! I've decided to try & re-create a list of all the quilts I've made, and the approximate timeline (I'll do just years for now, because it's hard for me to remember the months in most cases!)

Here we go:

  1. Pinwheel Quilt (Approx 2005 With Mom & the Quilting group from the church I grew up in--they created this quilting "monster".)
  2. Scrappy Quilt (2005 That I keep with me in my car)
  3. American Flag Quilt (2005 Christmas present for one of my best friends, E!)
  4. Red & Black, "Checker" Quilt (2007 Christmas present for my then fiance, M.)
  5. Fall Colored Trains & Trucks Quilt (2008 Baby Present for my nephew, LK)
  6. Eagle Quilt (Dad's Birthday Present, 2008)
  7. "BlueBerries With Sal" Quilt (Mom's Christmas Present, 2008)
  8. Blue, Green & Brown Dinosaurs Quilt (2008?--Paying customer!)
  9. Hippie Flowers Quilt (2008? --Paying customer!)
  10. Pink & Purple Flowers Quilt (2009 Baby Present for my niece, HL)
  11. Nursery Animals in "windows" Quilt (2009 Baby Present for my neice, MF)
  12. Nursery Animals in forest Quilt (2009 Baby present for my nephew, DK)
  13. Pink & Blue Boxes Quilt (2009 Baby Present for my niece, AF)
  14. Russian Animals Quilt (2009 Baby present for my nephew, IK)
  15. Flannel Dinosaurs Baby Quilt (2009? Gift for co-worker's Son)
  16. Animals in Boxes Quilt (2010 Baby Present for my nephew, JF)
  17. Russian Cars/Trains/Trucks Quilt  (2010 Baby Present for my nephew, MF)
  18. Butterflies in Silk Quilt  (2010 Baby Present for my 2nd cousin, MT)
  19. Trees Quilt (2010 Baby Present for Coworkers daughter, AR)
  20. "Aren't you Far more valuable to God than they are" Quilt (2010 Baby Present, LJ)
  21. Blue/Green/Brown Flowers Quilt(2010 Birthday Present for my sister, J)
  22. Zoo Animals (Printed) Quilt  (2010, 1/2 of the set of twin quilts for JF)
  23. Zoo Animals (Pictures) Quilt (2010, 2/2 of the set of twin quilts for JF)
  24. Elephants in Brown Quilt ("Happy Day Present" for a friend's daughter, AJ)
  25. Butterflies in Purple Quilt ("Happy Day Present" for a friend's daughter, RJ)
  26. Caterpillar in Pink Quilt (2011 Baby Present for Friend's daughter, MG)
  27. Young Life Wall Hanging (2011 Young Life Auction Item)
  28. Pink Boxes Quilt (2010 Baby Present for my niece, MK)
  29. Big Blue Polka Dot Quilt (2011 Baby Present for my nephew, TF)
  30. Giraffe & Friends Quilt (2011 Baby Present for my nephew, IV)
  31. Green & Brown Flowers Quilt (2011 Baby Present for 2nd cousin, AP)
  32. Fishing Scene Quilt (2011 Baby Present for my nephew, ML)
  33. Frog on Stripes Quilt (2011 Baby Present for my nephew, CD)
  34. Purple Zebra  (2011 Happy Day Present for my sister in law, MF)
  35. Manly Flannel Quilt #2 (2012 Quilt for Husband, Late Christmas Present)
  36. Fall Colors with Fuzzy Tree Quilt (2011, Christmas Present for my niece, CB)
  37. "The Bears" Football Quilt (2012 Baby Present for my co-workers son, EG)
  38. Brown/Green/Blue "Paisley" Quilt (2012 Birthday Present for my friend, CH)
  39. "You are my Sunshine" Quilt (2012 Baby Present for my niece-in-law, HN)
  40. Fuzzy Elephant on Polka Dots Quilt (2012, 1/2 of the set of twin quilts for PM)
  41. Fuzzy Owl on Polka Dots (2012, 2/2 of the set of twin quilts for PM)
  42. Manly Flannel Quilt #2 (2012 for a sick coworker)
  43. Neon Green, Pink & White (2012 for my new niece, SPF)
  44. Fearfully & Wonderfully Made (2012 for my neice, DK)
  45. Denim Quilt (2012 for my friends baby, Baby Graham)
  46. Panda Quilt (2012 for my brother in law, DF)
  47. Neon Green, Blue & White (12/2012 for my new nephew to be born 01/02-2013)
  48. Princess Quilt (LM's Niece 02/2013)
  49. Pink/White & Green Chevrons (FOR SALE on Etsy)
  50. Brown & Blue chevrons (Niece born 01/2013, SF)
  51. Army Memory Quilt (03/2013 For my brother in law, YL)
  52. Girly Jungle (Scarlett B. 06/2013)
  53. Green/Gray/White & Black Chevrons (LW, 08/2013)
  54. Pink/Yellow & White Chevrons (LVF 02/2017)
  55. Garden Fence (Entered in Puyallup Fair, 09/2013)
  56. Hello Kitty Quilt (MO 09/2013)
  57. Blue & Brown Elephants (01/2014 approx. VF Baby #8)
  58. Colorful Zoo (04/2014 - EB)
  59. Scrabble Quilt (04/2014 - K&J M Wedding)
  60. Primary Colors Zoo quilt (EB, Due 07/2014)
  61. Volleyball T-Shirt quilt (LR 10/2014)
  62. Girly Jungle Quilt #2( 10/2014 - Gifted to a friend's baby, IB 02/2017)
  63. Ruffle Quilt (10/2014 - Gifted to Neice, to be born 04/2017)
  64. Boxed Hippie Flowers (10/2014 FOR SALE on Etsy)
  65. Circus Animals Quilt (2014 -Sold in 2017 for MP's co-worker)
  66. Blue/Mustard Arrows (10/2014 for HS)
  67. Denim & Cars (11/2014 FOR SALE on Etsy)
  68. Blue Polish Elephants (01/2015 for Mom's Co-worker's baby)
  69. Green/Grey Houndstooth (04/2015 for LS Baby #2)
  70. Blue/Grey Houndstooth (04/2015 for CG baby #1)
  71. Audrey Hepburn Funk (05/2015 for JF- Living Room)
  72. Primary Colors/Airplane (05/2015 for Friend's Second son, OG)
  73. Blue, Teal & White Birds (06/2015 for Neice, NPF)
  74. Colorful Living Room Quilt (J&EH - Living Room 01/2017)
  75. Green/Grey/White & Yellow Animals (NAF 02/2017)
  76. Black & White "Crosses" Quilt (For AS & LS's 3rd son, IS 05/2017)
  77. Black & White Scrappy Quilt (Gifted to PH & SH for adopted son, SH 12/2017)
  78. Lizzie's Nursery Quilt (07/2017)
  79. Fun Neutral Triangles (For TH's Son born Fall 2017)
  80. Boho Baby Quilt (To be Sold..?)
  81. Bow Ties -Green, blue, grey and white (J&EH's Baby boy, due April 2018)
Quilts in the hopper at this moment:

Quilt for Baby Frolov #3
Pretty Floral
Scrap/Stash Busters 

I know for sure I'm missing some...but I'll make sure to come & update it more frequently from now on. :) 

Until next time! 

July 11, 2012

{Busy Busy Busy}

I've been super busy recently working to finish (3) quilts before leaving to Alaska to visit M! Here's how they turned out:

The first two are for twins that my co-worker & his wife just had! They wanted to be surprised on their genders, so I picked what I thought was a cute, but still gender neutral theme! 

I used cotton for the piecing, and then "snuggle" flannel & "minky" for the applique. :) I LOVe how the 3D parts (elephant's ear & owl's wings) turned out! 

Then the third quilt I made for a friend of mine who has been sick & in the hospital for the past month! Made entirely of quilter's flannel, this thing is SO cozy. It's kind of a weird quilt to present in the middle of July when we've been having 80 degree weather, but I think he liked it anyway. :) 

Some details:
Started this on June 23rd, finished July 10th. 
Approximate Dimensions 7"x5".
Fabric used: Quilters Flannel (next time I'll write down the collection/designer!) 

I ended up quilting this one instead of tying because I wanted a more grown-up, masculine feel, and while it was quite a bit of work to get it through my standard machine, I think it was well worth it! I did realize that I need to get a separate "walking" foot for my machine though, that will help immensely when quilting my next project! Since I quilted this monster (well, big for my tastes, it was only a twin!), I feel like I don't really have an excuse not to practice my actual quilting on some of the baby quilts I'll be working on in upcoming months. :) 

But first--vacation! I'm leaving tomorrow for 10 days in Alaska, and I still am not quite packed! I'll try & update on the goings-on there while I'm there if I have time, or when I get back. :) 

Until next time!