December 8, 2012


Well, it's been a few months since I posted last, and I've decided to make a change to the name of my blog! I actually took a step back in September & started up an Etsy Shop. I chose the name of my shop to be, "Made with Love that can be Felt" and I figured that I would modify my blog name to allow for continuity between the two pages. 

Here's my shop description as copied over from my shop:

"The name of my shop originally started as a funny play on words about 4 years ago. At the time, I dabbled in making greeting cards for friends and family with felt cut outs on the front in various shapes, patterns & designs...of course, when working with felt, "made with love that can be felt" has a pretty specific (and slightly corny) meaning. 

Over the past few years, though, while my aesthetic and skills have also been growing. The meaning of "Made with Love that Can be Felt" has really evolved into more of an idea that items can be handmade with quality, care and love that can really be felt before the item is even received! 

My passions are currently in quilts for babies & children, but I am also venturing out into the wonderful world of baby supplies (pacifier holders, changing mats, burp cloths, etc.)

I appreciate you visiting my little corner of the crafting world, and hope you find what you're looking for!" 

My problem is that I haven't taken the step to actually list any items yet! I've been struggling with the pricing aspect; worried that I may sell myself short & not make a profit, or that I will end up charging too much. 

Mikhal & I are on vacation (again!) right now visiting his sister & her family, and his brother in law in Missouri, and I plan on posting some items (burp cloths, binky leashes, etc...)  AS SOON as I get home. No more procrastinating! As a few friends have encouraged me, even if I don't get my pricing exactly right on my first few items, at least I'll be getting myself out there! :) 

I went back through & updated a few of the quilts I've made recently, the one I'm most excited about it is: 

A Panda Quilt for my brother in law, Danny! :) His 16th birthday is later this month, and he had been asking me for a panda quilt for YEARS! (Almost as long as we've been married). I had always kept it in the back of my mind, but couldn't figure out how to put it into practice without making it look like it was for a baby. For instance, I could have done embroidery, or applique, but I just didn't think either of those was right! I finally had the idea to try a linear/abstract Panda, and this is what I came up with. :) 

SO SO SO happy with the results. :) (And so is Danny! We surprised him this week with a birthday party & his quilt, which he had NO idea about!)

I had to do SO much math to figure out the layout of his face, though. I have pages & pages of notes. I think that is one of the reasons I am so excited about the finished product. There were times when I was working on this that I really felt like giving up, so it is that much more rewarding to finish it, and to have it turn out like I planned! :) 

Anyway, in other news, I feel like I need to start putting a little bit more time & effort into this blog! I was thinking about all of the things I really enjoy doing, but don't feel like I am GREAT at (photography, crafting, writing, etc..), and I think that getting some of the details of my crafts down in words & pictures would be helpful to help me get better at all of them! I also always really envy the stay at home moms that are able to make such great blogs, so they are my new inspiration! 

Until next time... (Which hopefully won't be too far down the road)

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