June 25, 2015

{Cloth Diapering - The First Year }

Cloth Diapering – The First Year

This picture just popped up today on my Facebook newsfeed in my “this day in history” application. One year ago today we started cloth diapering, and I figured today would be a great day to give a little re-cap of our year and what we have learned about cloth in that time!

First of all, I'm sure there are parents out there who can cloth diaper for all the right reasons and maintain a clear head about the whole process...But I don't claim to be one of those people! I have been absolutely sucked in! My caption of this, my first cloth diaper photo was:

 "Trying this puppy on for size! smile emoticon Not sure if I'm more excited or nervous about the official start of our cloth diaper journey! smile emoticon ‪#‎clothdiaper‬‪#‎bumgenuis‬ #4.0snaps"

Now, a year later - I've got nothing but excitement about pretty much all things cloth diapering! 
Matching G's diaper to her outfit - Check 

Taking "Stash Shots" (extra points if they are organized in true Roy G. Biv fashion!) - Check 

Trying to draft all my friends with new babies  - Check 

Finding & Making cloth diaper Memes - Check 

Now, on to some of the specifics about what I've learned! 

They - the experts - say that you should order different styles before committing to a single one -- that didn't ring true for us! We got an entire stash of Bum Genuis 4.0 Pocket diapers to start off with, and they've been working for us this entire time! We have tried one other style that we received from a friend- Bum Genius Flips, and while I did like them, the pocket style has been my favorite! Hopefully they take us all the way through potty-training! 

One thing that has changed, though - is how we store the diapers! At the beginning, I spent time after washing/drying to pre-stuff all my pockets and displayed them out on top of the dresser.
Then I realized that for us, it just seems to save time to sort them inserts in one drawer with the covers in another, and I just stuff them when I'm ready for one! 

Next, Your drying rack will be your best friend. Seriously! Cloth diapers love sun, and look so much nicer and more fresh when you can dry them outside and soak up some of the suns natural bleaching properties! Out in direct sun is best...But when that's not possible, window sunning and dash-board sunning work in a pinch! 

Your wash routine doesn't need to be nearly as complicated as they -those darn "experts"- make it out to be! I wouldn't say we've perfected ours yet,  ( because...TMI- Grace's diet isn't completely set yet, so therefore her waste changes pretty crazily from one day to another -- see the next bullet point) but we've learned a TON from the valuable resources we've found. My favorite being, "Fluff Love & Cloth Diaper Science", or "Fluff Love University" -- Check our their many detailed files HERE

Poop is gross - There. I've said it. Not like everyone wasn't already thinking it anyway! ;) 
BUT, and it's a big Butt (and not just because of the extra fluff stuffed in the diaper--see what I did there?), poop in cloth really isn't more nasty than poop in a disposable diaper! The few times that we've had G in disposable diapers, and they've been pooped in, have actually been worse than the 100000 times she's pooped in cloth diapers this past year. The reason -- cloth diapers have gussets around the legs and at the back that help keep everything where it belongs! Disposable diapers have like a built in poo slide that sends it right up the back. YUCK. 

That all being said, newborn poo (for breastfed infants) is kind of a far off dream now that we've been on solids for the past few months! I always want to tell people, that if you're ever going to cloth diaper, start early and get those first few months! No rinsing! No dunking! No swishing! 

I can also see why some people may quit using cloth after hitting solids - it takes a bit of extra effort to prep poo diapers before washing them at this stage, but when I consider all the things I'm not worrying about (driving to the store and the money spent on diapers, diapers wasting away for years in landfills, etc...), it makes it even more worth it. 

Lastly - there is a serious community among Cloth Diapering Moms! Part awesome, part crazy. :p 
It's funny to be a part of a huge cloth diaper group on facebook, and to see a random comment posted from Tacoma, WA! And to want to strike up conversations with strangers when you notice their child's extremely fluffy bottom. 

Anyway, that's the summary of a year in cloth! 
Until Next Time! 

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