July 25, 2013


Well it feels like it took me forever to finish this quilt, but I think it's because it was just so "outside the box" compared to the piecework quilts I'm used to doing! 

This one is for new friends of ours from church who just had their little guy earlier this month! His Dad loves golf, and that was one of the things they mentioned they'd like when we were discussing inspiration. I had this idea pretty soon after, and then it was just the process of getting my idea down on paper (with my sister in law, Marina's help), and then getting it from paper to material! 

I  machine appliqued the pieces together (which means they are layered on top of each other, not sewn next to each other like in typical piecing), and I think it turned out pretty cute! 

(Those are cute little trees! I'm annoyed that I didn't get a better picture of them, or write down the designer/name!) 

These other ones are some more detailed shots. I also stepped outside the box with the quilting! I thought this would be a good opportunity to practice adding dimension. If you look closely you'll see the chevron pattern on the trees (for "leaves"), and the mow lines in the turf! :) 

So happy with this finished product, but even more happy to be able to give it to a family that we really feel blessed to know! 

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